Coming from a family of artists, I am a fine art photographer based in Istanbul.
My love of the visual arts and photography began at my early age. After my education in Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Columbia University, my lifelong passion for photography changed the way I saw the world and the way I lived my life. It was before the turn of the millennium when I became a full time photographer. I traveled the world, shooting for stock agencies, multinational clients, and always kept creating personal fine art photographs that touched my heart along the way.
Besides taking photographs, I enjoy teaching photography and lead workshops. I have served in photo competition juries numerous times.
My fine art photography has been featured in my solo exhibitions
2021 “Earth from the Sky…”, Nilüfer Photography Museum, Bursa
2018 “Untamed”, FMV Gallery Isik, Istanbul
2016 “Aerialadana”, International Orange Blossom Carnival, Adana
2012 “Third Eye”, PG Art Gallery, Istanbul
2008 “High Angle”, PG Art Gallery, Istanbul
2006 “Recto-Verso”, PG Art Gallery, Istanbul
2005 “A Celebration of Istanbul”, St. Regis Hotel and Turkish Culture and Tourism Office, New York
2005 “Mound-Silent Villages”, PG Art Gallery, Istanbul
2002 “DreamWorld”, PG Art Gallery, Istanbul

and in group exhibitions
2024 “A(m) I ART(ificial)” Gama Gallery, Istanbul
2022 “Skin” Ayzeradant Art Gallery, Izmir
2021 “Kilometre +24” Küçükçekmece, Istanbul
2019 “Choose Only One Master-Nature” Evliyagil Dolapdere, Istanbul
2019 “Nature of Photography” Artweeks@Akaretler, Istanbul
2018 “Printed‘18” Mixer Gallery, Istanbul
2017 “Balkan Resonance Project”, Resonance Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2017 “Critical Thinking”, PG Art Gallery-Hisar Schools, Istanbul
2017 “Find Me”, Akbank Art, Istanbul
2015 “Marmara 15. International Underwater Visualization Festival”, Istanbul
2015 “Gökçeada Underwater Exhibition”, Gökçeada
2012 “Deep Sea Illuminators”, Rezan Has Museum, Istanbul
2010 “No Distance II”, Niche Gallery, Tokyo
TV program
2021 “Flying Detective” Gain TV

2023 16th International Color Awards. Aerial
2022 New York Photography Awards. Black&White Photography Fine Art
2022 Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris
2022 15th International Color Awards. Abstract, Aerial, Sport
2021 14th International Color Awards. Fine Art
2019 31st Şinasi Barutçu Cup. Second Round Winner
2019 Graphis Competitions, Design Annual. Silver Award
2019 13th International Color Awards. Aerial
2019 Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris
2018 30th Şinasi Barutçu Cup. First Round Winner
2018 FMV Işık Okulları-Those Who Shed Light on Sports, Art and Design Award for Photography
2018 Production Paradise Spotlight Awards for Photographic Excellence. Corporate & Industrial
2018 12th International Color Awards. Aerial
2016 10th International Color Awards. Aerial
2016 World Architecture Festival
2011 Photography Masters Cup. Aerial
2010 Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 
2009 Canon CPN Editor's Choice
2003 Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Fujifilm, “Treasures of Istanbul”
2002 17th International Festival of Diving Films, High Tatras, Slovakia. Colour Photography

You can find me creating art in my studio or on location, up in the air flying in my paramotor or scuba diving underwater.

My website featuring my commercial photography is

Artist Statement

Photography is the art of selection.

My fine art photography is diverse, capturing the aura of the natural world, people and its possessions; telling stories in a graphic yet natural quality; and presented in contemporary methods.

I aim to show the intricacies that nature and the human element hold through my photography.
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